Business Idea 14: Positive People Finder

Positive People Finder: User of this app select their mood on a moodboatd. Community members may go out into locations with lots of people with a happy mood.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 13: Sensor-based community-driven parking lot finder

Sensor-based community-driven parking lot finder: As soon as a user approaches his parked car, community members looking for a parking lot nearby, get noticed, and can take over.

Business Idea 12: Rent Your Parking Space

Rent Your Parking Space: I want to rent my private parking lot during those times I don’t need it myself.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 11: Status Updates from Remote Places

I’d like to update my status on social networks from remote places like the top of Kilimanjaro, tethering my iPhone to satellite communication devices.

by Kerstin Engler

Business Idea 10: FollowFriday Bot

FollowFridayBot: This service analyzes and ranks your @replies and new followers and creates your personal, automatic #FollowFriday Tweet!

by @zalez

Business Idea 9: Rent An Artwork

Rent An Artwork: Artists add their art to the app – Users can browse through, sort and rent those works for their homes or offices.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 8: Drug Finder

Drug Finder: After typing her disease, the app matches the user’s disease with adequate drugs, sorted by prescription and OTC drugs – and links to online pharmacies.

by @ideevc

Keep failing until you no longer fail!

Most business attempts result in failures. For most if us, life itself is a row of failures, punctuated by brief successes. And those successes will be shared in the media. So you mostly read success stories (who is interested in failure, anyway?).

You as an entrepreneur can learn three things from failure:
1. You learn to overcome failure.
2. You learn how to deal with (the psychology) of failure.
3. You learn that failure is a necessary hurdle on your way to success.

If you fail often you will succeed often. If you fail fast you will succeed fast. Keep failing until you accidentialy no longer fail! We call that persistence.

Business Idea 7: Grandma Help wanted

Granny Help Wanted: An app which matches families with little children in need of child care with senior citizens.

by @ideevc 

Are you an employee (or a startup founder)?

From an early age we are told what to. Our parents recommend, say no, and show us how to behave. At school, we learn what is important to know. Right?


It’s this type of conditioning that, if removed, can prove unnerving to new business owners. Some of you are meant to be employees. If you prefer a 925 job, if you cannot live without  a monthly paycheck, then send out your VC. Others discover they don’t to conform and instead want to do things differently.

There’s nothing like being thrown off a cliff assembling a plane on the way down.

Running A Startup Is NOT Glamorous

Running a startup is – not – glamorous. It’s a hard, consumptive exercise. And things often get rather challenging even for intrepid founders. Yet, reading about startups in the tech press, you don’t always get that impression — some entrepreneurs manage to keep their best foot forward and behave like rockstars. But it’s probably wise to trust Paul Graham when he says: “One thing I know about startups is that, internally, they’re all train wrecks.”

Are you flexible enough?

Most startups present their ideas in a rather rigid style. If the – intensive and valuable – discussion following the pitch presentation shows flaws in the concept or business model, they won’t show sufficient flexibility to adapt to new insights. But that would help.

Business Idea 6: Shareable Mobile App Lists

Shareable Applists: As with (music) playlists, users can create and share mobile app lists.

by: @ideevc

Fail fast!

Failing fast is a good way to plan. Failing often makes failures small and successes large. In small failures you accumulate learnings about what works and what doesn’t. Try many experiments but don’t bet your company on just one. Keep trying, keep failing small and fast. Launch, modify, iterate, stay lean!

Business Idea 5: Conference Call App

Conference Call App: I open the app, select the participants of a conference call from my address book and click “Conference” to easily start a conference call. Quick & easy.

by @ideevc

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