Business Idea 13: Sensor-based community-driven parking lot finder

Sensor-based community-driven parking lot finder: As soon as a user approaches his parked car, community members looking for a parking lot nearby, get noticed, and can take over.

Business Idea 10: FollowFriday Bot

FollowFridayBot: This service analyzes and ranks your @replies and new followers and creates your personal, automatic #FollowFriday Tweet!

by @zalez

Business Idea 9: Rent An Artwork

Rent An Artwork: Artists add their art to the app – Users can browse through, sort and rent those works for their homes or offices.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 8: Drug Finder

Drug Finder: After typing her disease, the app matches the user’s disease with adequate drugs, sorted by prescription and OTC drugs – and links to online pharmacies.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 7: Grandma Help wanted

Granny Help Wanted: An app which matches families with little children in need of child care with senior citizens.

by @ideevc 

Business Idea 6: Shareable Mobile App Lists

Shareable Applists: As with (music) playlists, users can create and share mobile app lists.

by: @ideevc

Business Idea 5: Conference Call App

Conference Call App: I open the app, select the participants of a conference call from my address book and click “Conference” to easily start a conference call. Quick & easy.

by @ideevc

Business Idea 4: Group Git

Group Git: An easy-to-use, drag’n'drop, visual-centric collaboration app for work teams.

by Vladimir Sudilovsky, during Founder Institute Meetup, Sep 10, Munich

Business Idea 3: Travel Dating App

Travel Dating App: You can check-in on trains (planes) that you take and see other users who are on the same train. If both users agree, they can exchange contact details and meet.

by @ThomasE

Business Idea 2: A Quantified Self Data Aggregator

Quantified Self Data Collector: An app that collects all my (quantified self) data. Currently all the numbers are scattered over dozen of spaces.

by @zircde

Business Idea 1: Ethical Alternative to Paypal

An “ethical” Paypal: an online payment system which completely resists any (political) pressure; e.g. to suspend accounts

by @luebbert42

A Business Idea A Day

Tomorrow, September 9, we’ll start an experiment: each day, we’ll post a new business idea for startup founders. Yes, you read correctly: 1 new startup idea per day.


The reason for us to openly publish startup ideas is to make you think about them, send us feedback and discuss them – and maybe we motivate you to take one of those ideas, refine it and create a business out of it. Wouldn’t that be great?

Even if you aren’t a prospective founder, please regard this experiment as a hands-on move against a widespread german disease best decribed as “I-don’t-want-to-tell-you-my-idea-right-now-because-It-should-not-be-stolen-or-copied!”

We’ll start by using only 140 characters per business idea. Our goal is to communicate the rough idea, and maybe we can refine the idea in the comment section.

To be honest, creating new idea every day will be tough. So, if you like this experiment, feel free to contribute and send us your ideas via twitter @ideevc or via email to michael (at) appinvest (dot) de. We’re looking forward to reading and publishing your ideas as well.

Let’s collect hundreds of business ideas – let’s become a business idea machine!

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